Who We Are and Our Experience

Photograph: Nurdan Usta

I have been in the Human Resources Business for 18 years. Starting my career at AIESEC, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) and a Student Association has been a blessing for me in many ways. If I still have the dream and hope of bringing peace to earth by bringing different cultures together it is because of the 4 years, I have spent in AIESEC. It also has been an immense learning experience to be an HR Manager for an NGO where my journey in HR has started.

The 4 years I have spent as an HR consultant enabled me to understand and learn all the nits and grits about the consulting business. It was an extremely valuable experience getting to know many different sectors, companies and executives. I had the opportunity to be a part of a number of management and HR development projects in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

After consulting, I have spent many years in the telecommunication and banking sectors in challenging roles with visionary leaders and pleasurable projects in Istanbul and Wien. I had the luck and pleasure of working with smart people with big hearts in my team with which I had many celebrations.

  • We recreated our dreams from scratch with new departments.
  • We increased the prefer ability of our company through an employer brand we designed
  • We implemented a succession planning and leadership development system to be implemented in 12 countries with an international team,
  • One year, to prove that the HR team is right by the side of our employees, we had one to ones with every single one, took us a while, but enabled us to provide the most meaningful systems as an HR Business Partner.
  • Today, I’m at OUR HR BIZ to share the changing climates, systems that always work, how not to run your head in a brick wall, what I have learned, experienced. I am a member of Odyssey, an international consulting network. My aim for the HR managers to become the adored managers in the work place. They too design and implement strategic, meaningful and value added experiences. I am also learning everyday to MASTER  consulting.

My deepest love and regards,

Mine Yücesoy


We are aware that each sector has its own dynamics, priorities and challenges in such a high competitive and costly environment. Clients want to develop products WITH the providers and have a say in the product and service.

Today, the variety and diversity of clients force you to identify a number of strategies that are linked and directed to the target audience rather than just one corporate strategy. Due to uncertainty, not having long term and continuous strategies takes you away from the protection of routine.

In today’s corporate environment, having employees from different generations brings in a challenge for corporations to diversify and personalize HR practices. Employees focus on the experience and emotions that HR practices create in them. Functional and workable HR practices leave it’s place to convenient, joyful and meaningful practices.

We believe, HR management practices are an important tool to earn loyalty in organizations. Therefore, our biggest aim is to support all managers at all levels that consult us, starting with HR managers.

  • We like to start from scratch and design. We design HR practices that are practical, creative and simple that support your business goals and needs, rather than classic, traditional, cumbersome and complex ones.
  • We work as your HR people. We don’t just listen to you and then tell you what to do. We share how to do it and how to do it with minimum cost. We value internal resources, utilize them and add value. If necessary we step up to the plate and we do it with you, for you.
  • Our mind is always with you. Once we understand you, we share new ideas that you would benefit without being asked.
  • We are reachable. We have worked with a vast number of department managers in different expertise levels to increase the performance of HR within the organization. We have an online structure that is easily reachable and provides fast response regarding your company structure, business processes and all human resources matters.